Terms & Conditions


The information you provide is solely for the use of Minchinhampton Cycling Club and will never be passed to any third parties.
The email address you provide will only be used for club communications, e.g. membership related communication.


As a member(s) of Minchinhampton Cycling Club I/we agree to ride with respect to the safety of other cyclists and road users on club rides & events.


This is the single most important consideration for our club rides, and we ask you to take this very seriously:

It is essential that your bike is in a safe and roadworthy condition, with for example, working brakes. The appropriate lighting and high-visibility clothing should also be worn. Helmets should always be worn when riding, and we would strongly encourage that you do so for your own safety.

Should there be an incident, please support the ride leader and offer any help you can, whether it be making a phone call to seek help, warning other road users (often the most critical thing to do), or assisting with any injured riders.


Let’s not forget that we do this because we love cycling, so let’s do it with a smile on our faces A cheery ” hello” to a passing groups helps spread the fun to everyone else!